Growth on Business with App Developement

It is no news that techwitty is a company of technology merchants in the business of app production, website production and also production of platforms just visit us at People do understand that app is a must for all business. This was not the case a few years back and only a few people could afford it. But things have changed now.

The focus of this write up is on the importance of the app development section of techwitty. It is one thing to get techwitty to create a website and help drive in the much needed traffic. That should not be the last bus stop. Further steps should be carried out to create an app. Why an app? Because apps are stored in the devices of the users. It is closer to them. It is more likely for the customer to open an app and purchase a product online or get an information online than for them to go to their web browsers and type the keywords for what they want to purchase. The customers are lazy due to the emergence of technology. One might give up when they consider the stress they would have to undergo to get to the website. Along with the website you need the app also. This has become a need and you will require a professional team to do it for you with a good pricing.

Another reason to own an app is to maintain brand loyalty. When the client makes his/her customers go through the process of typing in the name of the website on their browser, they stand the risk of losing that customer. Why? This is because when the search engine brings out products related to the keywords used in the search, other products may come up. Curiosity would lead the customers to clicking on such products. They could be attracted by its price, packaging or even color! The customer may end up buying from the competition brand. The client therefore created avoidable competition for himself/herself, if you want a app for your business just visit us at

Businesses should guard their customers jealousy. Once, there is an app to keep the user busy, they would not know any better. If there is a better brand or product, the users remain happily oblivious. People are often glued to their gadgets, when the customers are scrolling through their phones content, they see the application and decide to open it to feed their curiosity. The presence of the app on their phones serves as a subtle reminder to the customers to check what is new, so make a it a point to visit us at

Techwitty also provides an eBook containing guidelines to help create an app for the industrious ones that wants to try their hands on it. It is also useful for the clients too for them to understand how the app works and be able to spot and solve minor issues themselves.

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