Single Malt whiskey

Are you a worshipper of Bacchus? Are you one who is very selective about the drinks offered to you and you go for only the finest of the drinks? If, yes, then single malt whiskey is just for you. You won’t get any other drink in the world that is a higher honor to your taste buds and to the connoisseur inside of you. Therefore, if you are thinking of which whiskey to taste next, then go for the single malt whiskey. However, it is easier said than done. You must know of the details of such a whiskey and here we are with the required details.

What is single malt whiskey?

The single malt whiskey offers the maximum depth and the widest variety of flavor. This is surprising especially when it is told to people that this kind of whiskey is prepared only from water, yeast and barley. This type of whiskey is quite popular as it has to be made at just one single distillery and has to be aged more than 3 years for it to acquire its taste, magic and charm. You can yourself imagine the influence that this kind of whiskey can have on you once you consume it.

The Highland and the Lowland whiskey

The whiskey is of two types, Highland and Lowland. The Highland whiskey is said to be more on the nutty side and to be stronger of the two. However, the Lowland whiskey is on the opposite side and is therefore, said to be good for the Lowland ladies. But whatever the differences may be, you will simply fall in love with both the kinds of whiskeys. A whiskey matured for more than 3 years will have an impact that no other kind of drink can match. This is certainly a drink for the elites.

Benefits of single malt whiskey

The single malt whiskey has its own set of advantages over the other drinks. When it comes to making a wise choice, most people go with this type for the following reasons.

The drink is much like champagne and this is why the elite people like it a lot. It is perfect for celebration times and makes a wonderful companion for the good times. Even if you want to enjoy your success alone by spending some quality time with yourself or just with a few close ones, this whiskey will be a perfect partner for you.

Whiskeys have been known to aid in digestion as well. Therefore, if you want to have a drink that does not disturb your digestion process, then single malt is something to go for.

This drink is also known to have more ellagic acid than red wine which supplies more antioxidants to your body. The health benefits that you get can not be hard to imagine.

Moderate consumption of single malt whiskey has shown to reduce the risk of strokes in people. Therefore, a little bit of this whiskey every night can help you remain fit and close to your dear ones for a longer duration. Moreover, moderate consumption also benefits the heart and the blood vessels of your body, and can also prevent common cold.

Brands of single malt whiskeys

The most famous brands of the single malt whiskey are quite renowned the world over and a simple search online will also give you the correct results. Still, for your convenience, here we have the famous brands listed down. The list is in no specific order and the taste of one whiskey is always different from the other. So, we suggest that you try all of them whenever occasion arises and give yourself and your close ones a gala time together. Let’s get started with the famous brands of this type of whiskey.


The company founded by John Hopkins and Co in 1897 is one of the best brands of the single malt whiskey. The bottles of the whiskey look quite elegant and the taste is something that many distilleries and manufacturers of whiskey envy. The mal whiskey that you will get here has been aged around 10 years and thus, you can imagine the dance of taste on the buds of your tongue. If Bacchus had to choose one whiskey brand on the earth, there are high chances that it would have been none other than Speyburn. So, it is time for you too to go and have a taste of it.

Heart of Speyside by BenRiach

BenRiach is another huge brand that has made its name in the whiskey industry. The Heart of Speyside is one of the most exotic single malt whiskeys ever made on the planet. The distillery of this whiskey is just outside Elgin and you will get whiskeys that have aged for 10 years, 8 years, 5 years and 4 years. This ensures that the quality that you get in your hands and on your taste-buds is just awesome. So, this can be the next brand that you are getting on the next special occasion at home.

Birnie Moss (intensely Peated) by BenRiach

The list of the most amazing single malt whiskeys by BenRiach has still not ended. Named after the bog, Birnie Moss, this is intensely peated whiskey which looks extremely elegant in a glass bottle. The golden colored drink when poured into a glass looks like the most heavenly nectar having come directly from the blissful sky. The next celebration at your home will be far better than it ever has been if you get this drink in the party. Just see the smiles and excitement on the faces of the guests that evening.

Project XX by Glenfiddich

The last in our list today is Project XX, which is an experimental series by Glenfiddich. Around 20 ambassadors have chosen this one as their favorite single malt whiskey. No wonder, it comes in a dark bottle and adds enigma to any celebration it is a part of.

Get these brands to your home and office next time whenever there is a celebration. Your opulence will spread far and wide for sure.

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