Malachite beads – what they are?

Malachite beads should always be used with respect and knowledge of its purifying effects. It is a stone of perfect power for meditation as it helps to balance and release the waste that it brings to the surface. It stimulates intuitive and instinctive reasoning, thus allowing the change that allows advancement. It also represents Fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty, dedication, camaraderie and responsibility for partners in money transactions.

It has been used as a protection by pilots and people in the aviation environment and helps dissolve the symptoms of vertigo and understand the foundations of what is creating it. The Drusas or gardens of Malaquita are conglomerates of expansion of energizing power for spirituality and the development of psychic abilities.

Malachite beads stalactites encourage progress through the spiral of infinite wisdom, while giving you strength for the path. In short, malachite beads are a very versatile healing stone, which can be used anywhere on the body or in any chakra. However, it serves primarily in the solar plexus to clarify static or repressed emotions. When the Solar Plexus is open, the energy can move freely through the other chakras. At a physical level it can cure cramps or menstrual cramps and has been known as the stone of the midwives helping during the delivery to expel the baby and regulate the contractions. Tune in to the female sex organs and treat any sexual illness.

Malachite beads:

It reduces blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, sprains and strains, inflammations of joints, tumors, travel sickness, vertigo, optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid gland. Align DNA and cell structure, boost the immune system. It stimulates the liver to release toxins, reducing the acidification of tissues; it has been used to cure diabetes by putting it around the waist.

I have seen this stone work tirelessly until it is exhausted, I have seen it give the best of itself to heal people, to heal sprains, to remove what is repressed, cries and pains of all kinds bringing freedom from traumas, I have seen it to support patients in the most difficult visions and I have seen them give them the most consoling and healing visions to the interior of the Earth. I have seen Arcângel Raphael work with her in a very close way, it is a wonderful stone, I could never do without it and I use it every day with resounding success. We have seen malachite beads from my life and I still miss them, one generates great love and gratitude for their work as fast and effective emotional and physical doctors. I myself have profoundly experienced its effects at every level.

Once I suffered a poisoning by malachite beads, I suppose it was something I needed and unconsciously generated: I have a malachite beads frog that I love, I take care of it a lot, one day I saw a spot on the back, I started to rub it to remove the stain, but the The stain did not come out, so without realizing it, I took it to my mouth and I put it on the tongue several times and rub it with a cloth. the stain did not come out, so I put it back in my lunge and there it felt a weird taste, I immediately realized that I had just sucked a poisonous stone unconsciously. I went to the sink and spat a lot, then I ran my mouth many times, and went to sleep.

On the following day I woke up completely from the feet to the head, it was an internal bud and it moved by the body; I suffered a great headache for several days, I lost all my energy and I was in bed refining emotions that I thought were already resolved in my life. These days I have unresolved emotional problems, I cry a lot, I let go of the past, I took out old pain, I saw everything that did not let me evolve, even people, after three days the outbreak just started to disappear, it was strong for the body, but it served me to clean up very deep matters that I could not see.

It is the magic of the crystals, things happen to you and although they can be hard at times, they are totally healing and beneficial, on the fifth day I improved and made great changes in my life, that experience opened a great purification process in me at all levels and I will never forget it, I am very grateful to my Frog, who among others, for the Indians, The Frog is the totem of cleanliness and purification. Then a friend told me that 0.084 milligrams of malachite beads kill a person, it is a poison used to purify other poisons, this made me think about death and life, how fragile we are and how malachite beads is very careful.

So this aggressive effect of the malachite beads worked in me healing and purifying my life, I always carry this stone where I go, every day I have more respect and I always take care of cleaning it leaving it in drushes and thanking him for his help and for his special dedication. in the healing of the feminine aspect and the pains of women.

Malachite beads are a green mineral which can be found easily in the environment. This energetic stone serves to amplify the positive and negative energies, so it helps to land the spiritual energies of the people. The meaning of malachite beads is closely related to the protection and absorption of negative energies, so for many experts this could be the stone of the new millennium.

Among the properties of malachite beads are numerous powers that act in favor of nature and devic forces. Therefore, if you are looking to interpret the meaning of the stones you should know that this stone will help you better understand your subconscious and the messages of the future. In spite of this, in order to obtain the benefits of malachite beads, it must be applied by a specialist, because it is an intense stone that encourages human beings to take risks and be more adventurous.