Finger Lakes
Chamber Music

July 10, 13, 16, & 23
8:00 PM

“Made in the USA”
A free, ten-week celebration of
American Music at
Trinity Church
Wall Street

A Classic Plan, Inc.

The Manhattan Chamber Orchestra is an award-winning ensemble of professional musicians. Every month there are performances throughout the year at many local and state parks. Performances typically take place in the afternoon on Friday, or at many state parks. At Stuyvesant, they play concerts in many venues throughout the neighborhood and the Bronx Science School has a huge concert space and many other events on campus. Performances at these venues are great entertainment for residents and tourists alike. The concerts also attract people from all over the world to listen to the symphony, so they are a great way to see New York City. Other concerts that are regularly scheduled are at Colleges. These concerts usually include a performance by a local bands.

If you are interested in attending a show, it is best to contact them to find out the times they hold their concerts, where they are held and where the venue is located. Most of the concerts are held in a large room that can accommodate the number of people who will be in attendance. The sound quality is excellent and the performances are top notch. You are going to get a lot of quality and enjoyment out of attending one of these shows. If you cannot attend one of these shows, then you should consider attending a New York City orchestra concert, a chamber music concert, or an opera concert.